Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are your goals?

    We aim to fulfil three goals:
    Drive business growth and innovation with the power of blockchain; Facilitate instant and decentralized payment solutions with our Wallet and BZNT Tokens; Enable access to goods and services for all consumers across the globe, especially those in emerging markets.

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    Do you already have a product?

    Our products are currently in development and undergoing beta testing. Please follow our official channels for the latest updates.

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    Who is behind Bezant?

    Team members driving the content platform development have previously worked at companies such as Kakao, eBay, Gree, Naver, and Nexon. While those who are implementing our payment platform are able to leverage their established relationships with payment gateways around the world through their previous experiences, our blockchain and cryptocurrency operations are led by Daesik Kim, the founder and former CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb.

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    Where is the organization based?

    Bezant Foundation Limited is based in Singapore.

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    How does Bezant stand out from other services in the market?

    Our team’s expertise is world-class and this puts us ahead of other services currently on the market. With diverse experiences and skills in blockchain, payments, and content (e.g. mobile apps, games, and e-commerce primarily in emerging markets), our team members put us in a unique and strategic position to develop innovative products and services that stand out.

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    Did you conduct a token sale and if so how much money did you raise?

    Yes, Bezant successfully raised US$27.88 million during its token sale in May 2018.

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    What is your token called?

    Our token is called Bezant (BZNT).

  • 08

    How is Bezant using the funds raised during the token sale?

    The raised funds are used for the development of the Bezant platforms, operations and business development, as well as legal and consulting fees to ensure that our operations are globally compliant.

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    Can people mine BZNT Tokens?

    No. The Bezant blockchain is a permissioned blockchain that doesn't have consensus algorithms for mining.

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    Where is BZNT listed?

    The BZNT token is currently listed on Bithumb and Bibox Exchange. Follow our official channels for future listing updates.

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    Who are your target users?

    Our focus is on enterprises who want to utilize DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology) for their business services or application especially in the emerging markets. Bezant’s goal is to support these entities and provide them with a seamless blockchain solution.

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    What is Jehmi?

    Jehmi is a technology provider that is driving the development of Bezant Protocol as well as other platforms.

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    Where are you on your roadmap?

    Please follow our official channels for the latest updates.

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