• 1

    What is the company name?

    Bezant Foundation

  • 2

    Will there be any geographical restrictions to users?

    Users who utilize Bezant as a token within the platform will not be limited geographically.

  • 3

    What will the token be called?

    Bezant (ticker - BZNT)

  • 4

    What will the use of the token be?

    Bezant will be used as a utility token to allow users to use within the Bezant blockchain service platform. This would include the Jehmi Pay, Wallet, and Content Distribution platform.

  • 5

    Will I be able to mine Bezant?

    The Bezant blockchain will not consist of mining.

  • 6

    What problem is Bezant trying to solve?

    1. Highly centralized app / ecommerce markets
    2. Extravagant fees that take away from the revenue for the merchants
    3. Lack of payment options, (ex. App stores only accepting credit cards), people from emerging markets aren’t able to purchase apps.
    4. Slow payments for merchants. Payments sometime can take weeks.
    5. Hidden costs for merchants: chargebacks, foreign exchange, and bad debts.

  • 7

    Where will I be able to buy / sell Bezant?

    People can purchase BZNT from our ICO; however, Bezant does not make any statement or guarantee about how users can sell their tokens.

  • 8

    What is the Jehmi Platform and what is its relationship to Bezant?

    Jehmi Platform is a white labeled digital content platform which will be the first service offering on the Bezant blockchain platform (an alternative app and ecommerce platform where distributors could use Jehmi’s platform and put their name on it).

    Bezant is the foundation that will do the ICO crowdfunding for Jehmi and at the sametime be the currency that will be used throughout the Bezant blockchain platform and Jehmi pay and Content platform (the “Services”).

  • 9

    What type of fees will be implemented on the platform?

    Based on the blockchain that we’re building Bezant and Jehmi services on top of, we’re aiming to significantly lower, if not, eliminate transaction fees to enable instant microtransactions(example : in-app purchases)

  • 10

    Why would users want to use the Jehmi payment platform?

    Through this platform and technology, there are several critical advantages for Sellers on app stores and ecommerce sites: - Sell globally regardless of what payment methods customers use i.e. accept all leading local payment methods
    - Eliminate or significantly reduce fees on transactions from 30-50% down to zero
    - Sellers receive sales proceeds within minutes and not weeks or months
    - Provide a digital rewards system to customers
    - Have one universal currency, Bezant, in order to aggregate and simplify the payment process

    Sellers can now sell their goods anywhere and through any platform thus having freedom from the incumbent app stores and commerce sites.

    Through the blockchain technology, the once non-transparent way of the market becomes more reliable, fast(private blockchain increases speed), and less costly(trying to aim to zero transaction fee or something close to that.)

  • 11

    In which ways will Bezant be accessible to users?

    Once Jehmi platform and Bezant is launched, users anywhere can top up their wallet with Bezant, using “local” payment methods that are very native to user’s markets.

  • 12

    What kind of blockchain will Bezant be using?

    Bezant will be utilizing the hyperledger fabric, a permissioned blockchain, where it will be modified to cater to the ecosystem that Bezant aims to build.